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Tutorials about Viewing Tivo recordings on Android tablets

TiVo has finally decided to show some love to Android users with its TiVo app for Android tablets. Now you can do just about everything you can do with your TiVo remote control — find and explore shows, schedule recordings, control live TV and recorded shows, and more — from your Android tablet. But when you have got some Tivo recordings on your PC and wanna transfer the Tivo recordings to Android tablet or phone or other portable devices, only to find these TiVo files are not so easy to play back. The following problem is from one forum:

“I have recorded some tivo recordings, and I want to convert them and view on my Android tablet, i have a Samsung View Tablet (for myself), and a Nabi 2S (for my kid), but what video converter can i choose? Any susggestion?”

If you also want to view Tivo recordings on your Android tablets without any problems, you must use one professional Tivo video converter. iFastime Video Converter Ultimate is your best choice. It can convert Tivo recordings to Android tablets (Samsung View Tab, Samsung Tab S2, Amazon's new Fire HD 8 & 10 tab, Yoga 900, etc) supported videos for playing freely. Besides Android tablets, this powerful video converter also has the ability to convert any Tivo as well as DVD/Blu-ray/H.265/Tivo/AVI/MKV etc to iOS tab including iPad series.

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4 Steps to Turn Tivo to Android Tablets formats

Step 1: Enter Media Access Key for Tivo files

Click the "Tools" icon on the top tool bar to open "Options" window, click the "Tivo" tab, enter the "Media Access Key" in the Tivo Settings window, then click "OK" button. And you can find it by logging into your Tivo account at Tivo and clicking the "Media Access Key" link on the right side of the screen.


Step 2: Import Tivo files to the program.

After enter the Tivo files Media Access Key, click "File" menu, from its drop-down selection, choose "Add Video/Audio" or "Add from folder" to import source Tivo files to the program.


Step 3: Set Tivo as the output format

Basically the "Android Tablets 720P Video(*.Tivo)", "Android Tablets 1080P Video(*.Tivo)", "Android Phones 720P Video(*.Tivo)", "Android Phones 1080P Video(*.Tivo)" from "Android" are all universal formats for Android tablets and smartphones. 

Besides, there are optimized formats for Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, HTC, etc branded Android devices; choose a proper one as you need. Or depends on your device, you can choose a suitable video format from "Android" catalogue.

Tips: If you think the video size this not suitable for your Android Tablets or Phones, you can first choose any one of the provided type, then change the settings. Please remember the file size is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in bigger file size, and lower visible quality loss.

Step 4: Start to convert Tivo for Android

After the setting, the last thing is to click the "Start conversion" button at the bottom right corner to start converting Tivo to Android .mp4. After the conversion, click Open button to get the Tivo videos and then you can enjoy them on your Android tablets and phones at ease.

Tip: How to Transfer files to Android from Windows?

Step One. For starters you'll need to plug your smartphone or tablet into the laptop or PC which has the files you want to transfer. Do this with the cable supplied with your device, most likely a microUSB cable.

Step Two. Once you've plugged in your device, you should get a popup menu of options. Here you can choose different ways of transferring content, most of which are perfectly good options for Android smartphones and tablets.

For videos and photos, choose the "Import" option and for music in Windows Media Play pick the "Sync". Otherwise we suggest the "Open device to view files" option; this will make the device show up in the Windows file explorer as a removable storage drive. We recommend this last option, as long as you know where the files are located on your machine. It makes the Android smartphone or tablet act like any USB memory stick or external hard drive.

Note: If you're phone doesn't show up properly, go to the settings and select "Connect as media device (MTP)" or similar. This is normally accessible from the drop down notification menu if the device is plugged into a PC.

Step Three. Depending on which option you've chosen, either follow the instructions to import or sync your device with your PC or drag and drop the files from your machine onto your Android smartphone or tablet with the Windows File Explorer. Android devices have specified folders for music, movies and pictures so it's advisable to place the content in the corresponding folder.

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